District Improvement & Accountability

  • The mission of District Improvement and Accountability is to improve student achievement by assessing campus and district needs, providing timely and accurate information, conducting accountability analysis, supporting research studies, facilitating the statewide testing program, and providing the district/campuses with federal programs and grant support.

Name Title Email Phone
Ashley Clayburn Asst. Superintendent District Improvement & Accountability ashley.clayburn@cfisd.net 281-955-4998
Rose Dudley Executive Assistant I to Ashley Clayburn rose.dudley@cfisd.net 281-955-4998
Nabil Channouf Research Analyst nabil.channouf@cfisd.net 281-517-2693
Mo Wong Research Analyst mo.wong@cfisd.net 281-807-8196

Testing Office

Name Title Email Phone
Tracy McDaniel, Ed.D. Director of Testing tracy.mcdaniel@cfisd.net 281-897-4064
Seillagh Hill Administrative Assistant III to Director of Testing seillagh.hill@cfisd.net 281-897-4064
Mariellen Vasquez Coordinator of Testing Mariellen.vasquez@cfisd.net 281-517-2642
Celia Gutierrez Coordinator of Testing celia.gutierrez@cfisd.net 281-897-6451
Elizabeth Golsch Administrative Assistant II to Coordinators of Testing elizabeth.golsch@cfisd.net 281-517-6592

Title I Federal Programs and Grants

Name Title Email Phone
Kathie Sanders Director for Federal Programs and Grants kathryn.sanders@cfisd.net 281-517-6542
Melanie Leach Administrative Assistant III to Director for Federal Programs and Grants melanie.leach@cfisd.net 281-517-6542
Laura Shaw Federal Programs and Grants Specialist laura.shaw@cfisd.net 281-517-6007
Daisy Gonzalez Accounting Specialist, Title I daisy.gonzalez@cfisd.net 281-897-6454
Nora Careta Accounting Specialist, Title I nora.careta@cfisd.net 281-897-6465
Jerry Dorcz ESSER III Grant Manager jerry.dorcz@cfisd.net 281-897-3817
To be filled ESSER III Grant Manager laura.shaw@cfisd.net 281-897-6496
Lara Cheves Accounting Specialist, ESSER III lara.cheves@cfisd.net 281-517-6833