• The Guidance and Counseling Department includes over 280 school counselors, 4 Licensed Professional Counselors, 1 Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and 18 Youth Service Specialists (social workers). School counselors provide a comprehensive developmental guidance program with age-appropriate support to students at all levels. School counselors are an integral part of the total school program and help promote student success in school, and in life, by focusing their efforts on students academic achievement, personal/social growth, and college/career development. They work collaboratively with many departments in order to provide prevention, intervention and follow-up services for students, families and staff.
    The Guidance and Counseling Department provides support and resources during a campus crisis and works in conjunction with principals and the HR department to staff school counselors at all campuses.

    The Guidance and Counseling Department also provides the following services:

    • Evaluate transcripts for all international students entering high school in CFISD.
    • Problem-solves system-wide recordkeeping issues for counselors
    • Develops 6, 5 and 4 year graduation plans for secondary students
    • Develops personal graduation plans for high school students
    • Guides students in scholarship searches and post-secondary options
    • Provides age-appropriate guidance lessons on required topics to students such as anti-victimization, bully prevention and suicide prevention
    • Trains staff on required topics and offers relevant staff development opportunities
    • Works collaboratively with YSS (social workers) to provide basic needs and other community resources for students and families
    • Provides direct and indirect services to students through the core curriculum, individual planning, and responsive services