The mission of the Custodial Department is to provide a clean, safe and secure environment in which learning may take place at the highest level. By doing this, we will be doing our part to help Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District recruit, retain, educate and graduate its students.

    Our overall goal is to be the most efficient and effective custodial operation in the state and beyond. To accomplish this goal our custodians will be trained to the highest standards and be provided with all the resources necessary to deal with the complicated array of situations that arise in the cleaning industry.


    On a daily basis, more than 800 custodians vacuum and spot clean carpet, as well as, clean and sanitize restrooms, classrooms, cafeterias, office areas, common areas, gyms and locker rooms for a total of over 19,000,000 square feet of space.

    Other responsibilities of the department include:

    • Moving all instructional and administrative furniture within the buildings and between facilities
    • Trash removal
    • Maintain and sanitize all district buildings
    • Pressure-washing sidewalks, bus loading areas, buildings and trash pick-up areas
    • Cleaning common areas, administrative areas and animal, bird and reptile areas of the Science Resource Center
    • Cleaning and maintaining restrooms, common areas and the yard at the ROPES pavilions of Moore, Millsap and Sheridan elementary schools
    • Setting up for all events at the CFISD Exhibit Center
    • Cleaning and maintaining the field house and all public areas of Pridgeon Stadium and assist the Berry Center on an as-needed basis
    • Removing graffiti from interior and exterior surfaces of all district buildings
    • Mold remediation
    • Repair and maintenance of cafeteria tables throughout the district
    • Repair and maintenance of custodial equipment
    • Remediate all water and fire intrusions district wide
    • Virus outbreak prevention in all schools and support building district wide
    • Hazardous waste removal

    The Operations Department is responsible for: establishing and implementing cleaning and staffing formulas for daily operations of the district; inspecting all district buildings on a regular basis regarding custodial services; and organizing and maintaining an ongoing training program, including safety training, for the department’s personnel.

    • The Director of Operations, who reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Facilities & Construction, provides departmental leadership.
    • The custodial workforce is divided into 8 clusters. Each cluster is supervised by an Area Manager, who reports to one of two Assistant Directors of Operations.
    • The Assistant Directors are responsible for overseeing the total operations and report to the Director of Operations.
    • The Supervisor of Operations is responsible for day-to-day management, department finances, operations personnel payroll, and quality assurance.
    • Personnel issues are the responsibility of the Assistant Director of Human Resources.


  • Operations  

    Physical Address:
    11430 Perry Road
    Houston TX 77064

    Phone Number:
    281-897-4195 English line
    281-897-4196 Spanish line

    Fax Number:

    Operations Payroll

    Phone Numbers:


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