• The goal of the Transportation Services department is to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation service. We have a commitment to providing this service in the most cost-effective manner, so that every dollar possible remains in the classroom. The staff of the Transportation Department looks forward to working with you in meeting the school-related transportation needs of our students.


  • Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Transportation Department is the 3rd largest in the state and the 36th in the nation, according to the School Bus Fleet magazine. We transport approximately 75,000 students every school day.

    Cypress-Fairbanks ISD school buses:

    • Transport approximately 75,000 students every school day;
    • Travel more than 8,500,000 miles every year;
    • Complete more than 4,000 runs to/from and between campuses every day;
    • Service approximately 17,000 field trips per year (including vans and cars).

    Each employee of the transportation team is a vital member of an organization striving for excellence. It is important to remember that transportation of students involves much more than delivering children to and from school.

    Maintaining an exemplary standard as reflected by the District's safety record is a constant challenge each employee must be willing to accept.

    The men and women charged with the safety of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD children are highly trained professionals who take their jobs seriously. Bus drivers perform a variety of tasks such as operating the bus and all related equipment in a safe and efficient manner, performing pre-trip inspections, maintaining effective pupil behavior management control over groups of children, keeping the bus clean and neat, etc.

    Obviously, it takes a special type of person to handle the tremendous responsibilities vested in bus drivers, so Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is careful to hire only the most qualified individuals. In order to be considered for employment, individuals must:

    • be at least 18 years of age;
    • pass an annual physical examination;
    • obtain and maintain a valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with all appropriate endorsements and classifications and all other required licenses, permits and certificates;
    • have and maintain a satisfactory driving and criminal background as determined by the Texas Department of Public Safety that reflects a professional driver and which meets all contractual, local, state and federal requirements;
    • show negative on a pre-employment drug and alcohol test as well as be subject to random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and follow-up drug and alcohol testing; and
    • have completed or be enrolled in the School Bus Driver Certification Course developed by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Prior to consideration of employment, applicants must appear for a personal interview at which time they are screened for emotional stability and positive attitude, evidence of being mature and able to handle responsibility, pleasant personality and disposition, and neatness of grooming and personal appearance.

    After meeting all of the above requirements, candidates for employment are expected to successfully complete the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD school bus driver training program. Our training program is recognized as one of the most rigorous and extensive in the nation. The state's certification course involves 20 hours of training and an additional eight hours every three years thereafter; however, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD expects its drivers to have logged on the average of 80 additional hours behind the wheel before they transport children.

  • 17,000 Number of field trips serviced per year (including vans and cars)
  • 4,000 Runs to/from and between campuses every day
  • 75,000 Number of students transported every school day
  • 8,500,000 Number of miles traveled every year
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