• School campuses in the District are closed to the public and a visitor’s presence on campus is a privilege; disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. 

    The District has the right to refuse entry onto school or District grounds to persons who do not have legitimate business at the school or District facility.  The District may also eject an individual (including a parent/guardian) and/or exclude their future presence if he/she refuses to leave peaceably and (1) the individual poses a substantial risk of harm to any person; or (2) the individual behaves in a manner inappropriate for the school setting after having received a verbal or written warning to cease the inappropriate behavior.  Any person ejected or excluded from District property may appeal this decision through the local grievance policies.

    Visitors on campus may attend certain school activities according to the visitor guidelines established by each campus.  A principal may allow or limit visitors for lunch or campus activities as determined appropriate by the principal.  If any visitor has court-ordered supervised access to a student, that visitor may not attend lunch or school activities, regardless of the general rules or guidelines for the campus.  Likewise, if a principal determines a visitor’s presence at lunch or an activity would be disruptive to the student, the learning environment, or work environment, the principal may limit or prohibit the visitor’s presence on campus.

    For further information, please see the Adult Visitors on Campus section of the Student Handbook.