• Subs Choose CFISD

    From competitive hourly rates to paid trainings, access to cutting-edge technology, a positive campus culture and safe work environment--there are many reasons why Substitutes Choose CFISD!

    • “I just love the kids. It’s different every day. In my previous life, I was a stock and bonds trader, so just like that, it’s up and down every day. But if you can help a student in any way, it makes you feel good.” — David Gilyot, CFISD substitute (Farney Elementary School)

    • “The teachers, the principals, the students have shown us so much love and there’s never been a dull day. Everyone has always been enthusiastic and CFISD feels like the right place to be.” — LaShawn Hamilton, CFISD substitute (Truitt Middle School)

    • “I love being a sub because of the flexibility. I can take a job when I need to. If I have an appointment or something with the family, I have the liberty to be flexible.” — Mervat Ghattas, CFISD substitute (Lieder Elementary School) 

    • “CFISD is very home-oriented and welcomes you with open arms. They make sure subs are welcomed and that you’re comfortable. The students are great, too. Choose CFISD!” — Anthony Hamilton, CFISD substitute (Truitt Middle School)

    • "I was a licensed pharmacist for 30 years and I decided that I need to get out to support these kids, work with these kids and help them get through to high school. I wanted to help them get to that next level. Of all the things I’ve done over the years, this has been the most rewarding. You need to pay back what you learned when you were in school." — Doug Smith, CFISD substitute (Hancock Elementary School)