Technology Training Opportunities

  • Our training goal is to ensure we are supporting all CFISD staff with authentically implementing technology for greater student learning experiences. We support campuses in various ways, which include:

    • Co-creating technology rich curriculum with district-wide content coaches,
    • Specialized training and updates for each campus’ technology liaisons,
    • Designated personnel to support each campus and know their unique technology needs and goals,
    • In-person, online, and on-demand training to support hardware and software that enhance educational opportunities.

    The opportunities you see here represent only a part of our larger effort to support the CFISD community when and how needed to successfully use technology personally and with students.

    Technology Tips is for quick help on specific needs, whether it is getting started with a new piece of equipment or using an app or program.

    EdTech Professional Development includes courses that are tied to professional development credit which go further in depth on technology tools and ways to best implement them for strengthened learning.

  • Technology Tips
  • EdTech Professional Development Opportunities (for credit)