How to Become a Student at LBC

  • How can I become a student at Leonard Brautigam Center?

    A prospective student visits his/her CFISD attendance-zoned high school campus counselor to share interest in LBC.  The counselor works collaboratively with the student to process and submit a Declaration of Interest (DOI) online to LBC.  After review of the DOI, LBC will notify the student regarding acceptance and orientation requirements. 

    What do students say about LBC?

    “To me, Brautigam Center means a fresh start at a new high school where teachers accept you for who you are.  Basically, this is a place without judgment.”  

    “Brautigam Center is about second chances.  That’s why I came here.  I didn’t know what to think when I applied, but once I got here, I found out how great it really is.  The classes are much smaller than at a large high school, and as a result, you get all the help you need.”

    “What Brautigam Center means to me is that you are cared about and taken care of, but you are expected to be responsible and mature.”

    “Brautigam Center has helped me to actually like school even though I’ve hated it my whole life!  The teachers and the rest of the staff are all great people.  I never could have succeeded at a traditional school the way I have here.  I am so grateful to be a Brautigam Center student!”

    “I love the later starting time, which gives me extra time to sleep.  The teachers are excellent!  They help each individual as if we were grown-ups.  The campus is small, which makes everyone closer.  I consider everyone… students, teachers, and administrators a part of my life.” 


    Campus Video on Why we became LBC students:


    Video of one of our Digital Media Students explaining in memes why he likes The Brautigam Center.