Bridge To High School

  • Bridging to High School is a program in Cypress-Fairbanks IS designed to support 8th grade students aged 15 and older, in earning three high school credits by the end of the spring semester.  Students in the BTHS program will complete compacted 8th grade curriculum in the fall semester, and upon successful completion be identified as a high school freshman in January.  This program is for advancement, not acceleration.  Students in the program shall pass all four of their first semester classes with a 70+ in order to advance to the high school coursework offered during the second semester.  Students who are unsuccessful during the fall semester will return to their middle school home campus to complete 8th grade.


    Other program guidelines:

    • Students must be current 8th graders in CFISD and turn 15 or 16 during their 8th grade year. 
    • Students will meet with their counselor to determine if they are a good fit for the program.
    • Students must be committed to maintaining good attendance, behavior, and grades in order to get ahead in their quest to earn a high school diploma.
    • Students must complete their second semester, high school credits, at Leonard Brautigam Center.
    • Athletics and electives courses are not available in the Bridging to High School program.
    • Students successfully completing the Bridging to High School program in the spring may continue taking coursework at Leonard Brautigam Center the following year or may begin taking courses at their home high school campus.
    • Transportation is provided.


    Please contact Mrs. Maxwell for additional information at 281-807-8684 or by email at