• Mentor and assist campus principals.
    • Evaluate principals.
    • Level II administrative grievances.
    • Facilitate Aspiring Administrator Institute (AAI), Aspiring Principal Institute (API), New Principal Institute, and New Principal Coaching Program.  



    • Provide training and support for the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Teacher Evaluation and Support System (CF-TESS), Paraprofessionals, and Non-Teaching Professionals.
    • Coordinate comprehensive New Teacher Induction and New Teacher Mentor Program.
    • Support the Cypress-Fairbanks Professional Growth System (CFPGS) as a means of maintaining professional development records, transcripts, course offerings, and professional development credits.
    • Coordinate district-wide Professional Learning Initiatives (Quantum Learning, Teacher Leader Institute (TLI), New Administrator Institute (NAI), Learning Leader Institute (LLI), CFISD Presenter Institute (CPI), CFISD Leadership Conference, New Staff Orientation, Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL), and CF-TESS Appraiser Training.  
    • Facilitate University & College Masters and Doctoral Cohorts
    • Recommend and conduct staff development activities for professional staff. Engage in continuous educational research aimed at improvement in professional development.