Promising the best for tomorrow's future


  • CFISD is leading the way in creating a new vision for public education in Texas. We are dedicated individuals who are passionate about education and helping students achieve their full potential. Our schools and departments are staffed by competent, committed adults who are supported and appreciated, and who understand their first priority is the children they serve. It is through our collaborative efforts amongst a wide range of dynamic employees that sets us apart from other school districts across the state and makes us exceptional.

    Throughout the year, CFISD continuously seeks high-quality applicants to fill a wide range of positions available at our 92 campuses and many departments. We encourage you to explore the Job Seekers section of the website to learn more information about career opportunities and the benefits of working in CFISD.

    For questions regarding teacher positions, please call (281) 897-4050. For all other positions within the district, please call (281) 897-4189 or email Human Resources.