• When you miss school, you miss out—not only on academic enrichment, but on fine arts and extracurricular opportunities, camaraderie with fellow students, or even the critical building blocks of our full-day pre-K program.

    Chronic absenteeism is classified as missing 10% of the school year, as few as two days a month! If a student misses two or more days a month, they are less likely to read on grade level, be successful in middle school or even graduate.

    Let's work together this school year to prioritize attendance and create more opportunities and a brighter future for CFISD students!  

  • Bringing out the Best with Student Attendance

  • Compulsory Attendance Law

  • 90% Rule



  • 1. How Can Parents/Guardians Help Ensure that Students Are On Track

  • 2. Reviewing Your Child's Attendance Records

  • 3. How to Submit Excuse Notes

  • 4. What types of absences may be excused?

  • 5. How does the district notify parents/guardians and students regarding violations of the attendance law?

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